Custom Nightguards
in Brownsburg, IN

Protecting your smile from damage is always preferable to repairing dental trauma. If you clench or grind your teeth in your sleep on a regular or semi-regular basis, we recommend visiting our practice to see if adding a custom nightguard to your routine would be the best choice for your smile. Contact our office to learn more and schedule your next visit today!

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Who should wear a
custom nightguard?

Custom nightguards are beneficial for anyone who grinds or clenches their teeth at night, a condition known as bruxism. This habit can lead to various dental problems like worn-down teeth, jaw pain, headaches, and even tooth fractures. People with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which cause pain and discomfort in the jaw, may also benefit from wearing a nightguard. Patients often come to us seeking help for their jaw pain and soreness, but we sometimes diagnose bruxism based on dental damage or receding gums as well.

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How are custom nightguards created at the dentist
with digital impressions?

Designing custom nightguards is a quick and comfortable process in our office. To create a custom fit based on your unique smile, we will first take digital impressions of your teeth, which involves running a handheld scanner over the top, sides, and bottom of your teeth—no goopy dental putty required! These scans are then sent to an offsite lab, and we will receive your custom nightguard in about one to two weeks. Then, a short appointment will be scheduled for you to come in, try it on, make any final adjustments, and take it home to begin using it!

What are the benefits of custom nightguards vs. one-size-fits-all?

Custom nightguards offer several advantages over one-size-fits-all options. Firstly, they provide a superior fit since they are specifically molded to your teeth. This precise fit ensures maximum comfort and effectiveness in protecting your teeth from grinding and clenching. Custom nightguards are also more durable, as they are made from higher-quality materials designed to withstand nightly use. Custom nightguards can also be adjusted to address specific dental issues, such as alignment problems, providing additional therapeutic benefits.

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