Dental Implants
in Brownsburg, IN

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth by placing a threaded metal post into the jaw. Dental implants are a consistently reliable and durable tooth replacement option that helps keep your mouth and jaw healthy and functional. This restorative dentistry option is also available for those seeking dental bridge implants. If you’ve been struggling with missing teeth, give our team a call today to schedule your consultation!

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Are dental implants permanent?

Dental implants are designed to be long-lasting and, in most cases, permanent. With proper care and no complications, many patients enjoy the benefits of their dental implants for 20 years or longer.

What are the different types of dental implants?

  • Endosteum Implants: These are some of the most common and are inserted into the jaw bone.
  • Subperiosteal Implants: These sit outside the jawbone but beneath the gums. These are commonly used to support dentures.
  • Zygoma Implants: These are placed in the cheekbones rather than the jawbone.
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How expensive are dental implants?

The cost of implants will vary from patient to patient. While there are some consistent expectations, the best way to know your cost will be with a consultation. After a thorough exam of your mouth, your dentist can better tell you how much you can expect to pay for your implants. We encourage patients to explore our finance options if they have concerns over the cost of their care. We strive to offer affordable dental care, whether you have insurance or not.

Who should avoid dental implants?

Patients who have inadequate bone density to support the implant may need to seek other tooth replacement options. Further, those who suffer from certain chronic illnesses like diabetes or leukemia may not be good candidates for dental implants.

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